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What is Jiu Jitsu?
Jiu Jitsu is a Japanese martial art that is great for self-defence and confidence
It uses combinations of blocks, strikes, locks, and throws to provide practical defences against real-life situations
Students learn at their own pace in a friendly environment - the emphasis is on training and learning together, rather than sparring and competition

Cardiff Martial Arts Academy, 24 Norbury Road, Cardiff CF5 3AU
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We are currently operating with restricted class sizes due to COVID-19 social distancing requirements
Saturday 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Booking is essential
To enquire about reserving a place, please email

£4 per session
We are offering additional pricing options during our COVID-19 socially distanced training
£2 per session if you are a parent / guardian training with a child
£8 per session cap for a "family ticket" for up to 5 people training in a "household bubble"
Your first session is free
Aiuchi Jiu Jitsu is a non-profit organisation

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